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saima malik

Meet the author

Soul mirror is a lifestyle blog,

Its said everything happens for a reason!

Coming from a tough childhood, life taught me many challenges,disappointments, loss…. and with time, I learned not to sink but shine through those .

It’s all in the mind and mind set, if you can program your mind to behappy and see the good in every situation then you are a master of your fate,

Which is why I have named my blog soul mirror

Our mind and body is all what makes our soul reflects to be perceived in the outer world ,just like we are what we eat, we interact or react with others with what kind of a mind set we have,

After completing my basic graduation along with becoming an intuitive counselor and a life coach, Today I am a freelance makeup artist and currently doing my nutritional practitioner course from one of the most prestigious institute in the U.K

I enjoy writing for brands and products that I personally use and am happy to model and work with brands, I also give advice on self help, make overs and self grooming..

So stay connected……

Love and light ….