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First basic key to start your day fresh, Every morning

First basic key to start your day fresh, Every morning

First basic key to start your day fresh, Every morning

Today I want to share the first basic key to start your day fresh, Every morning. I wash my face with my all time favourite face wash “Clinique Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam” and I’m sooooo happy with finally selecting the right one , it has all the qualities

I first discovered it while I was travelling to UK long time back and till date I have not switched to any other brand whatsoever……

I was recently sent a wide range of Clinique face wash cleanser and face gels, It makes my skin feel hydrated without feeling greasy and sinks in immediately.

After a long days work , I feel lazy and too exhausted to wipe away my makeup or just to pamper myself with the night skin care regime, So, I’ve been trying to figure out a better system for getting me to wash my face each night. For some reason, it’s always such a chore and pretty much the last thing I want to do before bed time but with the Clinique Makeup Remover, it’s no longer a chore anymore

Every other day: I would exfoliate my face several times a day if it was allowed (and wouldn’t tear my skin apart). I love the way it feels and notice a big difference when I do it regularly. which is on the gentler side and really improves my skin’s brightness and tone. Twice a week: Two times a week I make sure to use a mud mask which I’ll put on before my shower while I am planning a day out with my friends

If I have a breakout: My main rule is to try and avoid the blemish altogether, but for those times when I need a little extra help, I use my Clinique anti blemish face wash solution, lotion and moisturiser and always keep a kit handy specifically when I’m travelling and for events.

  so next week stay tuned for what’s the combination of the best moisturisers for all kinds of weather