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True Story of Crying mother

A Mother Cry

True Story of Crying mother

A son who sold his soul consciousness  at the hands of his wife. This story is based on one of the most burning questions specially in the Asian society, where after marriage some sons transform into puppets of their wives and their family. This story revolves around the only son born to a middle class family who was raised well sacrificing the comforts of the lives of the parents and their 4 daughters. He was given the best of education, love and was never affected by the phases of poverty, the family went through out, he was always kept away from taking major n minor responsibilities as they wanted their son to be least affected by the pressures or rather shall we say they spoilt him and were biased as in he being the only son will be their support in the parents’old age.

Well little did they know what was in store for them? As he grew to the age where he was given higher education in well renowned co-education institute, while the daughters were sent to most affordable girls institutes with basic education only, the 4 daughters were deprived of career oriented education as simply 2 reasons,

1.The father was a tribal mentality where girls should stay home and be part of the brutal lifestyle he provided to his wife with violence and poverty.
2 finance was only for himself and his family (maternal family).

As years passed the big day came where the mother’s eyes filled with tears of happiness as her son stood in the traditional groom attire and felt that now she will lead a peaceful life with her son and daughter-in-law after leading a brutal and imprisoned life.

Sadly enough since the very first day of signing the marriage document the new bride started targeting her mother in law, she manipulated each and every act of love of her mother in law and presented to be a victim of compromising with the family. After few months the father started more brutality towards his wife n enforced to take his wife to the home town in Pakistan thinking that work was better there and the son could pool in some monthly funds to support them. The mother decided to part ways with her husband believing that her son will look after her no matter what,

After her decision, she looked at her son with hope in her eyes and praise that he will stand by her. Luckily she had her few savings that she did her own maintenance, all she wanted was a roof over her head and food.this too was unbearable by the new bride and who now was on family way gathered the strength to use all in her ways to destroy the relationship between the son n his mother.

Well, karma does strike back; the firstborn was with few complications that too were blamed on the mother whereas there was no abnormality in the family of the boy. As each day passed the wife starting throwing tantrums she stopped talking to the mother, started setting rules of not to put her things in any part of the house, and keep restricted to her 1 small room given to her, not allowed to use groceries or cook, in short, she continued the brutal act of imprisoning the mother. Throughout this time the son was silent and kept justifying to his wife that she’s stressed coz of the child.

As years passed the animosity, toxicity had risen to a level where taking excuse of this mercy child was brought to throw this mother out of their lives and never returned nor was ever asked by the son or his so-called wife



Today that mother is looked after all her daughters and strangers. She does wishes her son well till date coz she’s a mother but her eyes wonder the same qs.what did I do wrong?

I humbly ask what kind of a cruel heart ,a toxic mind and insecurity persists in the woman who has the feel of only possessing her husband without acceptance of the family .how selfish can a woman be towards her own family where she compares and prioritizes her own family against his I happened to meet such a mother who bore a son the hands that rocked the cradle ,the same hands were held and thrown out ,she still cherishes the years filled with memories his laughter , his love which he once had……….